• Physical and Financial Supply Chain Fused

    Cloud applications on the GT Nexus platform provide capabilities to optimize the flow of goods and trade information from order point through final payment.

  • Levi Strauss & Co. Stitches a Seamless Supply Chain

    Learn how the classic denim brand integrated its physical and financial supply chain to extend visibility, reduce COGS, and optimize working capital.

  • Control Tower for Your Global Supply Chain

    Control Tower

    Make strategic decisions and gain total visibility into inventory, shipments, payments, and goods from a single, centralized platform in the cloud.

  • Visibility Through CAT's Eyes

    Caterpillar, an equipment manufacturer with global reach, saved millions through inventory reductions with Supply Chain Visibility from GT Nexus.


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The Golden Age of Data

The Golden Age of Data
Data is changing everything for us as individuals, but it's also changing everything in business.

Bridges 2015

Bridges 2015
Are you ready to transform your supply chain? Join us June 8-11 to network, learn, and get inspired!

Holistic Source-to-Pay

Holistic Source-to-Pay
Point solutions prevent data flow across departments such as Logistics and Finance. Get your source-to-settle strategy out of a silo!

One Global Community. One Platform. Connected.

GT Nexus provides the cloud-based collaboration platform that leaders in nearly every sector rely on to automate hundreds of supply chain processes on a global scale, across entire trade communities.

Every company connects to GT Nexus just once, to collaborate and transact within and across multiple partner networks, on the same industry-wide platform.

  • World’s Largest Cloud-based Commerce Network
  • Over $100 Billion in Goods Managed
  • 25,000 Businesses on the Platform
  • 100,000 Users
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GT Nexus Global Community Platform


This is GT Nexus A Unified View

The Business Network Platform for the 21st Century

At GT Nexus, we believe the future belongs to networked companies. The winners in their markets will synchronize their physical and financial supply chain — they'll plan and act not as single organizations, but as interconnected, agile communities.


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