Join the GT Nexus Team

GT Nexus offers a cloud-based platform that the world’s biggest companies use to drive efficiency and agility across the global supply chain. Leaders in manufacturing, retail and logistics services all share GT Nexus as their standard, multienterprise collaboration platform. Users operate against a core set of information across multiple supply chain functions to optimize the flow of goods and trade information, from order point to final payment. Customers include adidas, Caterpillar, Del Monte, DHL, Nestlé, Pfizer, Sears, and The Home Depot.

As part of the innovative team at GT Nexus, you’ll play a key role in changing the way goods are moved around the world. If you value working with a creative team with world-class partners and financial backers that is driving the evolution of a key sector in the global economy, you need to see where you can fit at GT Nexus.

The employees of GT Nexus are owners — not just workers. Our people drive our success: Everyone at GT Nexus, including our customers, our prospects and our partners, contributes to our dramatic growth and rapid evolution.

We take great pride in the quality and execution of our work. We are proactive, professional, dedicated people with a single goal: results. We recognize that nothing is more important to our success than your success. And we give you the space, resources, and team you need to succeed.


Our values guide and anchor every conversation and interaction we have: every decision we make, every product and service we deliver, every channel we operate, and every customer we touch.

  • Innovation

    GT Nexus team members are not only open to new ideas, we work at a company built on new ideas. We strive to win aggressively and do so with the highest ethical standards. We encourage and reward risk-taking, always learning from our experience.
  • Team Work

    GT Nexus team members work together, recognizing that we succeed or fail together. We appreciate that everyone has something to contribute and strive to maintain continuous and constructive communications among us.
  • Integrity

    GT Nexus team members strive to fulfill the commitments that the company has made to its customers, partners and stakeholders. We treat everyone with respect and always conduct business in an open, honest and ethical manner.
  • Diversity

    GT Nexus is made of individuals, each with a different background, experience, perspective and set of talents. Diversity is one of the secrets to our success. We work hard to attract a range of voices and opinions across races, genders, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. And we use our differences to break new ground.