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  • Supply Chain Finance… How Much Are You Leaving on the Table?September 30, 2014By Bill McBeath

    In most companies, supply chain finance is seen as a narrow and limited tool rather than a strategic enabler of success. As a result, a lot of unrealized value is left on the table. Whether you are in finance, supply chain, or procurement, supply chain finance has the potential to help you provide more strategic value.

    In fact supply chain finance, done right, can generate strategic value throughout the P2P lifecycle, particularly in assuring continuity…

  • 3 Lessons from the Gartner Supply Chain Conference in EuropeSeptember 26, 2014By Bryan Nella

    The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in London is two full days of everything supply chain. Technology, transformation, segmentation, data analytics, metrics, the list goes on. But as the event kicked off with a look back at a decade of supply chain innovation, one major theme became apparent: supply chain has grown up. If supply chain was the organizational toddler in 2004, today it’s the big brother leading the charge. Ten years ago supply…

  • Why Larry Ellison Finally Came Around on CloudSeptember 19, 2014By Bryan Nella

    The announcement of Larry Ellison’s retirement brought forth a slew of famous quotes from the brash leader of Oracle, like these memorable moments compiled by WSJ. One of his favorite topics is clearly cloud. Ellison bashed it. Ripped it apart. Called it meaningless. And then finally submitted to the “madness” and began touting his own cloud solutions.

    What the hell is cloud computing? … I mean, it’s really just complete gibberish. We’ve redefined…

  • Supply Chain Visibility Success KitSeptember 16, 2014By Laura Dambrosio

    Supply chain visibility means knowing exactly what’s happening in your supply chain, right when it happens. And although it’s mentioned again and again among supply chain experts and execs, many companies think they have it–then realize, when something goes wrong, that they don’t. Learn what it means to have true visibility into supply chain activity with a few of our favorite visibility pieces.
    Papers & Reports

    Visibility in the Inbound Supply Chain - Learn how risk and…

  • Can Apple Pay Really Win Over Retailers?September 11, 2014By Abir Thakurta

    Hype around Apple Live was in full effect this week as Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and Apple Pay. Consumer buzz may be higher around the first two, but Apple Pay is the one with bigger implications on commerce and retail. The question is: can they win the uphill battle of pushing widespread adoption on the merchant side?

    In order for consumers to use Apple Pay, retailers have…

  • Can Your Supply Chain Handle Going Back to School?September 9, 2014By Leela Rao

    Many of us dread the end of summer. The end of lazy evening walks and pleasant-weather days spent sharing iced tea with neighbors while kids are running around. However, there is one group of people who look forward to the end of the summer fun, and that’s retailers. Back-to-School shopping is a critical period for retailers, and is the second busiest period behind holiday shopping season. Back-to-School sales are notoriously accelerated sales months for retailers,…

  • A Broader Approach to Control TowersSeptember 4, 2014By Ajesh Kapoor

    We’ve heard a lot of noise around the topic of supply chain control towers in recent years. It has different meanings depending on who you ask. Unfortunately, the vision and strategy are narrow and miss the mark on delivering true end-to-end visibility.  Some companies, for example, have regional control towers that translate into outsourced activity to a 3PL or logistics partner. Essentially, they end up throwing people at problems to get a view of what…

  • 3 out of 3, an Impossible Supply Chain Goal?September 2, 2014By Amanda Hinton

    There’s a saying that products and service can be cheap, fast, or good–but never all three. You can get something good and fast, but you’ll pay a premium. Or you can make an economical choice and receive it quickly, but quality or service will suffer. In most cases, your customers are not ready to fully sacrifice any of these dimensions, creating a dilemma for those managing the supply chain.

    Manufacturers must meet customers’ expectations to…

  • The Big Opportunity that Big Oil Might Be MissingAugust 26, 2014By Richard Vandermeulen

    I recently read that if all globally produced oil in just 5 days was stacked up in 55 gallon barrels, the pile would reach all the way to the moon—and at approximately 90 million barrels per day, the math checks out. That’s a huge industry with a huge supply chain.

    So why isn’t oil & gas paying attention to one of the hottest topics in supply chain? The term “assurance of supply” is making headlines in…

  • Global Market Expansion – What Happens When the Supply Chain Can’t Keep Up?August 21, 2014By Greg Kefer

    For the past few decades, most talk around global supply chain excellence was focused on how to optimize production in low-cost regions and get them back into well-established consumer markets. But times are changing—production and go-to-market decisions are far more convoluted and external supply chain factors are varied and abundant.

    A recent Reuters story on Target paints a picture of this complexity—even in serving developed markets— by delving in their geographic expansion into Canada, the…