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  • Who is Afraid of Amazon?October 23, 2014By Boris Felgendreher

    The current issue of The New Republic stirred a lively debate. In a cover story dramatically titled “Amazon must be stopped”, Franklin Foer, the magazine’s editor, contends that the e-commerce juggernaut “has achieved a level of dominance that merits the application of a very old label: monopoly.”

    I recently attended a book tour of PayPal Co-founder Peter Thiel who claims in his new book “Zero to One” that monopolies are a good thing. In order to recalibrate…

  • Are Declining Enterprise Software Profits a Blessing in Disguise?October 21, 2014By Boris Felgendreher

    The profit projections of enterprise software companies used to be a good indicator of the direction of the economy at large. For the last three decades, a small number of dominant enterprise software vendors had the market for packaged software licenses cornered. With a large percentage of overall corporate spend flowing into those software licenses, profit margins in the sector remained high. Temporary revenue and profit dips were closely linked to slowdowns in overall corporate…

  • Will Amazon’s Physical Store Level the Playing Field?October 17, 2014By Abir Thakurta

    If you are in the retail business, you have probably heard about the pending opening of Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar. Termed a retail experiment, the non-traditional Manhattan storefront, would most likely act as:

    A location for consumers to hold and interact with products (like Kindles and Fire phones)
    A mini-warehouse stocked with limited inventory for same-day delivery within New York City
    A location for returns and in-store pickups of online orders
    A way to capture additional holiday shopping revenue through…

  • Supply Chain Finance… Lowering Risk, Cost of Capital, and COGSOctober 14, 2014By Bill McBeath

    The first article in this series, How Much Are You Leaving on the Table?, looked at what it means to take a holistic approach to supply chain finance, encompassing the full P2P lifecycle, using a unified and connected network of trading partners. Here we discuss how this approach impacts margins and profitability by reducing risk for lenders, thereby lowering the cost of capital for suppliers and COGS for the buyers.
    Lowering Risk and Cost of…

  • The End of Cyclical Economics as We Know ItOctober 10, 2014By Suhas Sreedhar

    Can a new wave of supply chain innovation finally make the old boom-and-bust business cycle a thing of the past?

    It sure can, according to renowned analyst, investor, and author Andy Kessler. Writing recently in the Wall Street Journal, Kessler lays out how computing revolutions over the last thirty years have stabilized the economy’s volatility by reducing the lag between supply and demand.

    “Lower rates at the Federal Reserve would at first stimulate demand but then…

  • Fashion Week 2014: Innovation on the RunwayOctober 7, 2014By Leela Rao

    What do Versace, Zara, and global power house fashion brands have in common? Their focus on supply chain. In the past decade, the importance placed on supply chain has never been bigger in terms of spend and strategic focus. Here are a few notable innovations from 2014 Fashion Week that leveraged supply chain excellence:

    Ecommerce versus Fast Fashion
    Versace stole the show in New York City’s fashion week. On September 12th, Anthony Vaccarello’s line for Versus Versace

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  • CSCMP 2014 – Becoming a Technology Event?October 2, 2014By Greg Kefer

    CSCMP 2014 is now officially in the books. With about 3000 attendees from a broad range of companies and job functions, the event is among the biggest in the supply chain industry.  CSCMP has evolved from its roots as a purely educational conference to more of a traditional trade show, blending a solid dose of sponsored activities and trade booths with a robust series of educational tracks.

    GT Nexus has participated as a sponsor for the…

  • Supply Chain Finance… How Much Are You Leaving on the Table?September 30, 2014By Bill McBeath

    In most companies, supply chain finance is seen as a narrow and limited tool rather than a strategic enabler of success. As a result, a lot of unrealized value is left on the table. Whether you are in finance, supply chain, or procurement, supply chain finance has the potential to help you provide more strategic value.

    In fact supply chain finance, done right, can generate strategic value throughout the P2P lifecycle, particularly in assuring continuity…

  • 3 Lessons from the Gartner Supply Chain Conference in EuropeSeptember 26, 2014By Bryan Nella

    The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in London is two full days of everything supply chain. Technology, transformation, segmentation, data analytics, metrics, the list goes on. But as the event kicked off with a look back at a decade of supply chain innovation, one major theme became apparent: supply chain has grown up. If supply chain was the organizational toddler in 2004, today it’s the big brother leading the charge. Ten years ago supply…

  • Why Larry Ellison Finally Came Around on CloudSeptember 19, 2014By Bryan Nella

    The announcement of Larry Ellison’s retirement brought forth a slew of famous quotes from the brash leader of Oracle, like these memorable moments compiled by WSJ. One of his favorite topics is clearly cloud. Ellison bashed it. Ripped it apart. Called it meaningless. And then finally submitted to the “madness” and began touting his own cloud solutions.

    What the hell is cloud computing? … I mean, it’s really just complete gibberish. We’ve redefined…