Shipper Council


The GT Nexus Shipper Council leverages the collective power of a business community to benefit the participants, as well as the broader customer community. This is not a typical software company user group. While GT Nexus helps organize meetings, customers set agendas, chair the committees and run the group meetings.

Shipper Council benchmarking and a breakthrough crowd sourcing approach to partner information sharing reach a whole new level because all GT Nexus customers share the same platform, the same line of code and the same network of partners.

Participation by major companies:

  • Across industry verticals
  • Over $1.2 trillion in collective revenue
  • Over¬† 5 million TEUs of ocean freight volume

Quarterly meetings plus subcommittees focused on key issues:

  • Data Quality
  • Partner Relations
  • European Supply Chains
  • Sustainability

Any GT Nexus customer can join the GT Nexus Shipper Council. To learn more about the Shipper Council, click here.