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What's Behind the Inventory Crisis of 2016?

What does it mean that inventory levels are this high in 2016? One major culprit is the way consumers shop. Their expectations have changed.

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GT Nexus: customer-centric supply chains

The creation of a ‘consumer democracy’ has pushed businesses, particularly manufacturers to become more customer centric, responding to fluctuating customer demands and adjusting processes accordingly.

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Profitability: A Function of Supply Chain Network Performance

Profitability is now a function of the performance and effectiveness of every link in the supply chain or every partner in the network.

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Brexit: businesses should draw up contingency plans

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has heralded warnings of the potential impact on the supply of labour, shipping costs and supply chains.

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Top Innovators In Trade Finance, 2016

Seabury TFX uses data to provide suppliers both pre- and post-shipment financing options on a sliding scale, depending on their GT Nexus platform history.

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Food Manufacturing Q&A: Kurt Cavano of GT Nexus Talks Digital Supply Chain

In early April, a global research study revealed that 70 percent of those executives said their companies have started a formal digital supply chain transformation effort.

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Allport to use GT Nexus supply chain platform

The logistics company, headed by industry vet Bill Aldridge, will use GT Nexus’s cloud-based platform to improve visibility all the way to ordering for its customers.

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The 2016 Manufacturing Supply Chain Outlook: Uncertain

It’s strategic supply chain programs that look long term at innovation, network agility, and end-to-end visibility – driven by a C-level executive – that will deliver a winning formula in 2016 and beyond.

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Your Suppliers’ Risk Is Your Risk

Risks are not a new problem for supply chain, but as the supply chain grows more complex, so do the risks to supply, especially when visibility is blurred and there is no back-up plan in sight.

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