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How Supply Chain Finance Can Drive Sustainability and CSR

PUMA and Levi Strauss have discovered how supply chain finance can also be a force for social change, helping suppliers improve their environmental sustainability performance as well as enhancing their working conditions.

SCF Set for More Innovative Applications

Innovative financing programmes geared towards sustainability are one way in which the market is branching out.

IoT: The Ultimate Enabler for a Digital Supply Chain

A truly digital supply chain is one where processes and business models are centered on digital communications.This digitization revolves around a greater access to, and usage of, data. 

Sampath Bank Partners GT Nexus to Deliver Cutting-Edge Trade Financing

Sampath Bank will open up a world of new opportunities for local exporters by giving them access to over 25,000 clients already onboard with GT Nexus, in addition to allowing them to harness the ready visibility and automation provided by the cloud-based platform.

What Millennials Want

The big takeaway for retailers is that in reaching millennial customers, consumer-facing technology isn’t the ends, it’s just the means.

Accenture Helps Syngenta Transform its Global Logistics with New Digital Operating Model

This network connects Syngenta’s Enterprise Resource Planning Systems with its external logistics partners, holds all relevant data worldwide in a secure shared environment, and enables seamless data exchange and analysis.

As Car Sales Zoom, Automotive Supply Chains Race to Keep Up

As the global market for cars and other vehicles increases, investments must continue to be made in port, rail and road infrastructure.

At the Crossroads: Retail Seeks to Redefine Itself

What does this mean for retailers and their suppliers? They have to find new ways to deliver value and unique services to consumers. They have to find new ways to innovate and touch consumers, in ways that e-commerce alone cannot.

Supply Chain News: NRF 2017 Day 2 Video Review and Comment

From offshore factory floor to all the way to the retail store, Infor aims to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility.


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