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The Disruption and lessons from the Hanjin Shipping Collapse

Real-time visibility in a networked supply chain can allow retailers to make quick real-time decisions on re-routing goods or inventory that are instantly communicated across the supply chain.

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How Cloud Technology is Opening up Supply Chain Transparency

Whether huge or miniscule, global or local, businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to grapple with the complexity of their supply chains in increasingly diverse marketplaces.

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Retailers Fear Protectionism and Tariffs as 2016 Election Nears

Protectionism and tariffs are a growing concern not only for finance ministers and bankers, but for retailers as well.

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Today, Companies Compete on Supply Chains as Well

By embracing technology solutions, forward-thinking apparel and footwear companies are fashioning tight, visible, integrated supply chains-and reaping the rewards.

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Retail Executives Fear Impact of Tariffs, Protectionism as Election Nears

The 2016 US Presidential election brings uncertainty and concern to both sides of the aisle. But there is one issue where the two candidates have similar stances: trade

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Profitable Fulfillment: Part Three--Enabling Capabilities

Achieving profitable fulfillment in today’s global, multi-party, omni-channel fulfillment scenarios requires an operationally precise view—accurate, up-to-date, granular visibility across the network of partners.

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Puma Offers Financial Incentives to Improve Suppliers’ Environmental Management

Under the new program — developed by Puma, BNP Paribas, International Finance Corporation, and GT Nexus — the rate at which the bank discounts the suppliers’ invoices depends not only on Puma’s credit standing but also on Puma’s supplier rating.

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Hanjin: The Latest Call for Rewiring Global Supply Chains

As Hanjin's financial issues came to be known, other ocean carriers announced rate surcharges. Almost overnight, retailers and manufacturers faced significant shifts in pricing and capacity availability. Profitability and customer orders were placed under immediate risk.

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Shining a Light Into the Supply Chain

Connected digital technology is lighting up real-time data all across the supply chain, making it possible to manage stock movements and customer deliveries in completely new ways.

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