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Convergence: the End of the Supply Chain as We Know It

The past 30 years have seen an unprecedented amount of evolution in the supply chain – driven by technology-enabled business practices.

Infor Integrates ERP with GT Nexus Supply Chain Network

The integration of Infor M3 with GT Nexus Order Collaboration will provide more visibility and a single version of purchase order information with suppliers.

The Consumer Products Supply Chain: A Changing Consumer Affects Financial Dynamics

In the modern age of ambient commerce, where consumers will expect and demand the ability to transact anywhere and anytime, both retailers and CPG firms must adapt to this new model.

Ocean Carriers See "Digitalization" as Next Frontier for Improving Costs and Efficiency

A growing number of financial technology, or "fintech," solutions providers aim to make all domestic and international trade transactions, from one end of the supply chain to the other, fully digital and automated.

Four Ways the Internet of Things Will Transform the Supply Chain

Slowly and quietly, IoT has started to seep into different parts of the manufacturing process. And everyone from airplane manufacturers to chemical companies are experimenting with use cases that advance the technology further.

No Stranger to Outside Pressures, Retail Supply Chains Must Adapt as BAT Approaches

Retailers can't plan for every risk and challenge that may come up day-to-day. But they can seek out a broader strategy to enable more agile and fluid supply chain movement. 

Can the Elephant Dance?

Between consumer and fleet sales, manufacturers will have to deal with a growing distribution need for vehiclesaround the world.The question is how the automotive industrywill cope with the increase in sales.

What Millennials Really Want

When we think of Millennials we tend think of their attention being drawn to all things cool, edgy and flashy. These survey results depict a very different generation of consumers.

Why Millennials Switch Brands

Millennials are more concerned with what goes on behind the scenes of a brand, how they produce goods or operate, as opposed to being drawn to flash and sizzle such as apps and websites.


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