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4 Ways to Avoid the Direct Procurement Trap

Don't fall for it: 4 ways to avoid the direct procurement trap. The worlds of direct and indirect procurement are vastly different.


What Kind of Supply Chain Technology is Right For You?

What are the top factors to consider when you implement cloud technology for your supply chain?

Blog Posts August 27, 2015

How Adidas Wants to Take a Shoe From Idea to Store Shelf in 45 Days

Adidas, the world´s second-largest sportswear brand, has visions of a leaner, faster, and more consumer-centric future. A future that will be built largely on the supply chain.

Blog Posts August 25, 2015

The 3 Essential Elements for Today's Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains should have the essential elements of visibility, collaboration, and resilience.

Blog Posts August 21, 2015

Out-of-Stock Paradox Threatens Retail This Holiday Season

The worst scenario a retailer can face is an out-of-stock situation, particularly during crucial holiday and limited life seasons.

Blog Posts August 20, 2015

The Conspiracy Theory Around Amazon’s Prime Day

With Prime Day, Amazon tested its ability to get the right inventory levels as well as manage traffic volume on the website itself.

Papers and Reports

One Front End, One Back End, One Omnichannel Platform

This paper explores how cloud-based back end supply chain infrastructure can support the evolving demands of the omnichannel shopper.


The Value of Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility offers incredible value to companies, with the opportunity to save in numerous areas, from inventory to transportation to agility and finance.


Cloud Technology in the Supply Chain Visibility Initiative

Cloud technology is a must-have for success with the supply chain visibility initiative.

Blog Posts August 05, 2015

Benefits of Omnichannel Supply Chain Network Effect

It’s time for retailers to enhance their supply chain through a cloud platform for full end-to-end visibility.

Blog Posts August 03, 2015

What Surprising Thing Do Levi’s and Patagonia Have in Common?

There is an undeniable movement towards focusing on sourcing, ethical practices, and sustainability, with consumers leading the charge.


Supply Chain Visibility in the Cloud

Cloud is the prevailing model for supply chain visibility because it’s the only one that works.

Blog Posts July 31, 2015

What Country Will Have Universal Internet Access First? Well, Think Again.

When internet access becomes universal, we are one step closer to end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Blog Posts July 30, 2015

Wal-Mart Takes Action Following Whole Foods Supplier Misstep

There is a growing call for retailers and manufacturers to take greater responsibility for the production of goods and actions of their suppliers.

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