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The Golden Age of Data

Successful companies will harness data by transforming into hyper-connected business networks that are orchestrated, efficient, and smart.

Papers and Reports

Falling Short: Where TMS Fails to Meet Global Shippers’ Expectations

Research Report: Falling Short - Where Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Fail to Meet Global Shippers’ Expectations

Blog Posts July 28, 2015

Supercharging Omnichannel Supply Chain Transformation

One of the key capabilities to enable omnichannel retailing is to possess an integrated, agile, efficient, and innovative supply chain.


The Strange History of the Internet of Things

Smart, connected sensors distributed throughout the supply chain will bring us unprecedented visibility. But the IoT in supply chains has a long, strange history.

Blog Posts July 23, 2015

The Uber-Personalization of Everything

Love it or loathe it, the Uber-fication of everything has shifted our expectations of the businesses and services we use.

Papers and Reports

Reducing Cost and Thriving in the Omni-Supply Chain via Network Effect

EKN Research report includes survey results spanning 100 retailers and suppliers, to reveal their omnichannel challenges and solutions.

Blog Posts July 21, 2015

Delivery Drones Are Here

The faster you need to deliver to customers, the faster and more accurately you need to manage inventory, across the entire omnichannel.


How the Internet of Things Will Change Supply Chain

Real applications of the Internet of Things are already happening in supply chain.

Blog Posts July 16, 2015

The Comic-Con Trend That is a Retailers’ Best Friend

The resurgence of graphic t-shirts, along with other branded items and images, is a movement that retailers should welcome with open arms.

Papers and Reports

4 Ways to Avoid the Direct Procurement Trap

Don't fall for it: 4 ways to avoid the direct procurement trap. The worlds of direct and indirect procurement are vastly different.

Blog Posts July 14, 2015

Today’s Retail Supply Chain Does Not Meet Omnichannel B2B and B2C Order Needs

Better control of inventory and end-to-end order visibility should be top investment areas to alleviate order delays and cost control issues in the retail supply chain.

Papers and Reports

Supercharging Cloud Platform Rollouts

Retail companies must transition to cloud computing platforms to manage the 200% annual growth they’re experiencing in data volume.

Blog Posts July 09, 2015

Cost to Serve: Delivering for the Market, Not Against It

Understanding the cost to serve a particular market is one of the most significant factors in determining a product’s success globally.


Greece’s Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Supply Chain

Cloud supply chain technology allows companies to remain agile and avoid risk caused by disruptions like the financial crisis in Greece.

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