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The Golden Age of Data

Successful companies will harness data by transforming into hyper-connected business networks that are orchestrated, efficient, and smart.

Podcasts July 03, 2015

Greece’s Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Supply Chain

Cloud supply chain technology allows companies to remain agile and avoid risk caused by disruptions like the financial crisis in Greece.

Blog Posts July 02, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Need a Good Supply Chain Marketing Strategy

Supply chain marketing is about using advanced communications to help foster operational success and make the supply chain run better.

Papers and Reports July 01, 2015

The Business Value of Understanding Cost to Serve in the Manufacturing Sector

In today’s competitive global market, can manufacturers ever truly know their cost to serve? The answer might surprise you.

Blog Posts June 30, 2015

Shippers Reward Maersk & Expeditors for Supply Chain Excellence

As information technology has evolved over the last 10 years, cloud platforms have put buyers, suppliers, shippers, logistics providers, and carriers all on the same network. This has brought all parts of the supply chain closer together.

Blog Posts June 25, 2015

3 Things That Keep Global Procurement Executives Up at Night

If there was any doubt that managing the supply chain is also an exercise in managing risk, just ask someone who works in procurement.

Blog Posts June 23, 2015

When You Can’t Predict the Unpredictable

At the Bridges 2015 supply chain conference, presenters from Deckers, Patagonia, Nike, Crocs, and Williams-Sonoma shared their stories of how to manage the unexpected.

Podcasts June 20, 2015

Interview With Mick Jones of Lenovo

Mick Jones talks about the growth of Lenovo’s supply chain, customer centricity, and the impact of omnichannel and the Internet of Things.

Customer Stories June 19, 2015

Case Study: Modelama Exports Ltd

Modelama Exports Ltd, a leading garment manufacturer, has adopted the Early Payment Program to finance its production cycles without tapping into banks.

Customer Stories June 19, 2015

Case Study: Ahill Apparel Exports Limited

To minimize cash flow woes, fast-growing supplier Ahill Apparel Exports capitalizes on the Early Payment Program.

Blog Posts June 18, 2015

Weeding Out the Late Payers

A new UK regulation is designed to address supplier working capital issues by preventing late payments to suppliers and safeguarding and controlling payment terms.

Blog Posts June 17, 2015

3 Key Takeaways from Bridges 2015

Our global trade network is focused on collaboration, supply chain agility, and big data and analytics.

Podcasts June 09, 2015

Supply Chain Financing Leveraging Big Data

A new program from GT Nexus and SeaburyTFX redefines supply chain finance using Big Data.

Papers and Reports June 06, 2015

A Pathway to True Supply Chain Transparency

See how retailers can leverage the latest cloud-based technology to optimize profits, and maintain supply chain agility, in the omnichannel.

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