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The Most Comprehensive Solution Suite for Supply Chain Network Orchestration

It takes a network: 80% of supply chain processes and data live outside the walls of the enterprise. Companies need to orchestrate their supply chains successfully to be competitive. It’s essential to seamlessly connect the entire supply chain: both upstream and downstream. GT Nexus solutions improve service levels while reducing cost to serve by providing end-to-end connectivity, visibility, and collaboration with suppliers, customers, and other supply chain partners. By integrating the physical and financial supply chains, companies significantly improve working capital and ensure a resilient supply chain.

Network Financial Supply Chain

Improve the financial health of the entire supply chain

Automate and streamline procure-to-pay processes and improve working capital.

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Network Demand Fulfillment

Promise and deliver with precision

Orchestrate the entire supply chain to achieve perfect order fulfillment.

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Network Transportation Management

Enable multi-modal optimization, execution, and visibility

Manage end-to-end transportation to balance costs and service levels.

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Network Supply Management

Achieve responsive supply and demand alignment

Enable visibility and collaboration across the entire supply chain network.

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Solutions for Partners

Trade Xpress

Trade Xpress is a solution suite consisting of three products - Order Management, Pack & Ship, and Supplier Financing - that helps suppliers manage customers, factories, and cash on a single cloud-based platform.

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Network App Platform

The Network App Platform enables fast development and deployment of custom applications, extending the capabilities of core GT Nexus applications and expanding access to valuable data across the network.

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