Supply Chain Intelligence

What is Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Intelligence empowers executives with real-time performance insight across the extended supply chain and allows continuous, KPI-based supply chain improvement.

Supply Chain Intelligence helps organizations tackle the increased global complexity that touches supply chains. It collects and presents crucial data from all trading partners in easy-to-use, customizable dashboards on a computer or tablet. Supply Chain Intelligence metrics illustrate where performance is weak and where it’s strong, allowing executives to make smart strategic decisions.

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  • Supply chain visibility analytics

    Greater visibility drives better data analytics to propel operational excellence.
  • Inventory management analytics

    Inventory intelligence in the supply chain enables smarter decisions that impact profitability and customer experience.
  • Transportation management analytics

    Deeper insights into transportation reduce costs while assuring timely delivery of goods.
  • Procure-to-Pay analytics

    Track and benchmark suppliers and supply chains to be best-in-class.
  • Supply chain finance analytics

    Capture a 360 degree view of financing and capital costs in the supply chain.
  • Factory management analytics

    Benchmark and track the executional performance of suppliers and factories.

Key Features

  • Pre-built best practices dashboards and reports with the option to customize
  • Ability to analyze KPIs and metrics to build a picture of supply chain performance
  • Automatic alerts based on user-defined exceptions

Key Benefits

  • Improves supply chain performance
  • Uses insights to reduce supply chain costs

Data will expose disruptions in supply and give operators the insights and the options to recover quickly. Data will ensure that the networked company never misses a sale or a customer commitment. Data will reveal the most profitable path to every customer.

Greg Johnsen, GT Nexus

The Golden Age of Data

Data is changing everything for us as individuals, but it's also changing everything in business.

Best Practices

Deliver Supply Chain Performance Analytics

Deliver supply chain performance analytics by automatically collecting and tracking real-time global transportation data.

Papers and Reports

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