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Networked Companies

Networks that Reflect the Reality of Business

The modern company is not an island, it’s a network

It’s a constellation of companies working as one to reliably deliver perfect customer outcomes over and over again, tens of thousands of times a day.

of the data that companies need to run their supply chain sits outside their four walls, locked up in partner systems

“A fundamentally different architecture and a network of pre-connected partners are needed to suitably address processes that are inherently multi-party and inter-enterprise.”

Bill McBeath, ChainLink Research

Siloed enterprises suffer

Companies that operate in silos fail when their suppliers fail; they don’t have the data flow to fuel the analytics engine required to improve; they can’t see; they are inefficient, sluggish, and victim to risk.

Say goodbye to the single enterprise

In the future, the best companies won’t act as a single organization, disconnected from one another, but as interconnected, agile business networks that operate far more efficiently and much more quickly than the companies we know today.

Achieving network orchestration is the most sophisticated, highest state a company can attain

Those companies will become the new leaders of the global economy

The competitive advantage

Networked companies win because they’re agile, fast, and efficient. They’re the first to sense and the first to respond. With intelligence. That’s operational excellence.

Networked companies benefit

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20% Savings of inventory value
25% Decrease in total landed costs per unit
95% Of outbound orders delivered to customers complete and on time
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