Financial institutions and banks tap into GT Nexus to harness the power of networks. GT Nexus becomes a turnkey extension of their business, opening new revenue  opportunities for supply chain financing in an existing ecosystem of 25,000 businesses. Visibility and automation delivered by GT Nexus allow finance providers and banks to execute with greater  transparency into trading partners. Visibility into orders, invoices, amendments, open shipment balances, payment history and other risk assessment information allows finance providers to mitigate risk and gain a deeper understanding of parties and transactions. More than 30 finance providers and banks deliver financial services on the GT Nexus platform.

The "network approach" creates new opportunities to insert capital into the supply chain during key stages of the transaction life cycle. Services include: pre- and post-export financing, invoice discount and early payment programs, payment protection, settlement services, and money movement.

Visibility into transaction flow between vendors and buyers opens the door to offering new finance opportunities with greater confidence.

Inject cash into the #supplychain where and when it’s needed most:

The platform allows us to leverage existing document and payment flows between buyers and suppliers to fund quickly and easily.

IFC, part of World Bank

Financial Services Providers on GT Nexus

Deutsche Bank
RTS International