Factories and suppliers communicate and collaborate closely with customers through the GT Nexus platform. Order management, packing and scanning, transportation management,  access to capital and other financial services and data are available at their fingertips. Factories and suppliers can see across multiple customers, orders and payments to better plan and execute.

Companies on the GT Nexus network have access to a range of financial services throughout the transaction life cycle, including: pre- and post- export financing, early payments in exchange for invoice discounts, payment protection, and online settlement. Suppliers obtain the capital and data they need to grow their business.

Obtain financing within days of invoice approval to remove 25 days from the payment process.

One of the major benefits for suppliers of a #cloud-based #supplychain platform is #E2E visibility.

GT Nexus plays an effective role as a central processing platform for all transactions in a supply chain.

Needle Craft

Suppliers on GT Nexus

MAS Holdings
Pan Pacific
Karle International