What is Factory Management

Factory Management establishes visibility into outsourced production and improves factory compliance to increase supply certainty and enable advanced product flow directly from source to end-customer.

GT Nexus Factory Management increases the efficiency and agility of supply chains by improving on-time delivery and better aligning supply to the latest demand patterns. It makes major initiatives such as DC bypass and cross-docking significantly easier to execute, pulling real-time factory transaction data to offer visibility into detailed in-production status. Suppliers are supported with a solution that meets increasingly complex packing and labeling requirements and creates a competitive advantage though centralized control in the cloud.

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  • Work-in-process reporting

    Robust features, including a front-end Excel interface, that help suppliers provide timely and accurate WIP data. Use a single dashboard to enable customers to manage transactions and suppliers. Manage by exception with event notifications and alerts.
  • Pack & ship

    Accurate execution of ticketing, packing and labeling that improves compliance and ensures shipments are right the first time. Run a proactive supply chain, leveraging real-time visibility down to the factory floor to rapidly respond to shifting demand. Implement Scan & Pack (barcode or RFID) for improved compliance of store-ready packing at source.
  • RFID at source

    RFID tags applied at source of production can be used during the packing process as a more accurate and efficient form of item packing verification. EPC data is captured and verified and true item level accounting of shipped goods is achieved. Ensuring proper tagging and validation at source also safeguards the value at retail and provides a more efficient flow of product through the supply chain.

Empower suppliers to execute value-add programs that drive efficiency and savings.

Key Features

  • Configurable milestone tracking by business unit, product line, and supplier
  • Event monitoring & exception notification
  • Delivery date changes that are automatically sent to ERP to update Available-To-Promise
  • User-friendly and efficient Excel front-end for WIP milestone entry
  • Automated carton planning tools for quick creation of plan from order
  • Integration to Avery Dennison for ticket and carton label ordering
  • Scan & pack (barcode & RFID) and scan & load options
  • Factory ASN and packing list creation

Key Benefits

  • Adjusts orders-in-process to meet demand
  • Identifies trends and address potential issues early
  • Reduces processing time, costs and errors
  • Minimizes markdowns and reduce out-of-stocks for increased sales
  • Avoids unplanned shipments
  • Increases packing and ASN compliance
  • Enables cross docking and direct ship programs for faster speed to market
  • Reduces warehouse and transportation costs

We were lacking a lot of integration between factories and that was causing a very complex supply chain that needed to be transformed… We chose GT Nexus essentially because it has become the gold standard for supply chain software.

Bjorn Vang Jensen, Electrolux