The Power of the GT Nexus Network App Platform

The Network App Platform enables enterprise agility and collaboration through the rapid creation of new innovation that unlocks unique value in the network.

The GT Nexus Network App Platform allows customers and partners to add new functionality, data and business processes to the networked supply chain by extending and customizing the core technology platform.

Companies can securely deploy robust business applications in the cloud or on mobile devices to gain competitive advantage via innovation, differentiation, and agility.


  • Business Apps

    Expand network collaboration and automation by quickly adding new data and processes to your network.┬áCo-innovate with GT Nexus experts to create bespoke apps to meet unique business challenges and increase competitive advantage. Choose from a library of existing applications such as: QC Reporting, Document Management, Sustainability Practice Compliance, or Foreign Exchange Hedging. Measure time-to-value in weeks, not months.
  • Mobile Apps

    Interact with your supply chain network where the work happens: on the factory floor, at the dock, on the road, in the warehouse, or even in a meeting. Streamline processes by capturing and sharing information in real time where they occur. Use a robust suite of mobile-optimized RESTful APIs to create focused iOS or Android apps.
  • AppXpress Developer Kit

    Customers and third parties can quickly develop new applications and deploy them to network partners with a single click. Full support and documentation is provided by the GT Nexus Developer Network.
  • Enterprise Cloud Deployment

    Build apps that take advantage of the built-in security and network connections of the GT Nexus Platform. Scale easily to meet demand through a global cloud implementation.

GT Nexus Customers can:

  • Harness the efficiency and power of the cloud while retaining the ability to customize and differentiate
  • Increase agility and responsiveness through rapidly creating and deploying business applications
  • Enable collaboration with supply chain partners on a variety of key business processes in a single place
  • Leverage the GT Nexus technology, services, and global customer support infrastructure to quickly deploy applications to your network

GT Nexus Customers gain:

  • Rapid application development and deployment
  • Ability to customize processes to match their business
  • Differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Innovation with minimal maintenance effort

With AppXpress we create this stable layer, and you can build applications on top of that, and they're not tied to our release schedule. So you can continue to iterate and improve them on your own schedule, just like a consumer app.

Tim Shea, GT Nexus