The Power of GT Nexus Network Demand Fulfillment

Network Demand Fulfillment enables accurate delivery commitments and responsive execution of sales orders, leading to delighted customers, and revenue and profit maximization.

GT Nexus Network Demand Fulfillment enhances inventory visibility and extends supply chain collaboration to foster responsiveness to volatile demand.

Companies grow profits and revenue through better order fill rates, reduced order cycle times and buffer stocks, reduced transportation costs, and improved customer satisfaction.


  • Supplier Collaboration

    Align supply and demand by collaborating on capacity, forecasts, and orders across multiple supply tiers. Compress cycle times and increase responsiveness to demand volatility through real-time collaboration. Share visibility into plans to enable suppliers to meet requirements and execute with agility.
  • Source Shipment Automation

    Improve compliance and speed-to-market by automating the packing and shipping process at contract manufacturers. Postpone destination decisions, execute direct ship and cross-dock strategies. Ensure compliance with customer requirements through automated packing instructions and dynamic label and ASN generation. Automate receiving through item-level tagging and carton and shipping labels.
  • Network Inventory Management

    Increase order fill rates while reducing cost. Leverage network-wide visibility into inventory at rest and in-transit across upstream and downstream positions. Facilitate replenishment and responsiveness to supply/demand misalignment by orchestrating fulfillment from optimal points in the network.
  • Supply Chain Visibility

    Raise service levels by providing more accurate ETAs to customers and responding faster to potential supply chain disruptions. Gain real-time visibility into the status of orders and items throughout the supply chain. Leverage insights to true lead times and sources of variability to reduce inventory buffers. Use real-time alerts about issues to enable supply chain agility and resilience.
  • Optimized Transportation Management

    Increase customer service levels while controlling transportation costs. Make superior data-enabled decisions regarding mode of transport, carrier, and route selection to improve performance and profitability.
  • Supply Chain Intelligence

    Capture actionable insights based on rich, network-wide data from across the entire value chain, from suppliers to end-customers. Execute on network intelligence to reduce costs, improve service levels and speed up cycle times.

GT Nexus Customers can:

  • Increase order fill rates through better supply/demand alignment
  • Reduce order cycle time through better process automation and transportation decisions
  • Enable responsiveness to demand fluctuations by implementing postponement strategies
  • Improve service levels: respond in hours vs days through more accurate ETAs
  • Enable direct ship and cross-docking by enabling more accurate packing and labeling at source

GT Nexus Customers gain:

  • 1-3 days reduction in supply chain inventory
  • 5-15% on-time delivery improvement
  • 40-85% receiving time acceleration
  • 98% customer service response time improvement

We were lacking a lot of integration between factories and that was causing a very complex supply chain that needed to be transformed… We chose GT Nexus essentially because it has become the gold standard for supply chain software.

Bjorn Vang Jensen, Electrolux