The Power of GT Nexus Network Financial Supply Chain

Network Financial Supply Chain automates the procure-to-pay process and tightly integrates supply chain finance, enabling companies to improve working capital and reduce costs.

GT Nexus Network Financial Supply Chain combines procure-to-pay automation and supply chain finance to reduce costs, increase cash flow visibility, improve working capital, ensure supply chain health, and shorten cycle times.

Companies can reduce total supply chain costs, create a reliable supply chain, and insert capital throughout the supply chain lifecycle.


  • Procure-to-Pay Automation

    Create cleaner, more compliant transactions with networked procure-to-pay. Leverage N-way document matching and flexible workflows to enable AP automation and drive process efficiency. Obtain complete cash flow visibility and payment certainty - for both buyer and supplier.
  • Advanced Trading Model Automation

    Enable deployment of advanced programs, such as buy/sell operations, trading companies, and central procurement organizations, by automating both sides of the transaction. Transaction automation, visibility, and linking of back-to-back procurement models reduce cost and control supply.
  • Chargeback and Adjustments Automation

    Accelerate chargeback recovery by automating the creation and workflow of chargebacks and adjustments, including internal approvals and negotiations with suppliers. Maintain reason codes to identify root causes and improve supply chain performance.
  • Invoice Discount Management

    Simultaneously reduce cost of goods and increase return on cash via supplier invoice discounting programs. Procure-to-pay expedites invoice approval times, which in turn optimizes discount opportunities.
  • First Sale Program Automation

    Maximize First Sale Program savings and scale programs faster. Automate the capture, verification, and filing of First Sale data and documentation to ensure accuracy and compliance. Reduce the costs and risks of managing programs for buyers and trading partners.
  • Supply Chain Finance

    Improve working capital in the supply chain. Extend DPO without impacting suppliers. Ensure supply chain health by providing suppliers access to capital throughout the transaction lifecycle, on-demand, including pre- and post-export financing, and early payment.
  • Supply Chain Intelligence

    Measure operational efficiencies and identify areas of improvement in procure-to-pay processes including cycle times, payments, and uptake of invoice discounting programs. Complete cycle time analysis offers root cause analytics and insights.

GT Nexus Customers can:

  • Improve working capital in your supply chain through innovative supply chain finance programs
  • Enhance supplier relationships by providing payment visibility, certainty, and access to financing
  • Streamline processes and significantly reduce operational costs
  • Automate chargeback management to improve collection
  • Streamline AP approval processes to improve cash flow visibility
  • Ensure a financially healthy supply chain to improve supply reliability
  • Support significant growth with minimal additional headcount

GT Nexus Customers gain:

  • .15-.20% gross margin improvement
  • 5- 25 days increased cash flow visibility
  • .20-.40% chargeback recapture on procurement volume
  • 98% touchless invoice processing
  • < 2 days to approve an invoice

What GT Nexus provided was a seamless platform where the buyers and sellers were already transacting and interacting, and layered on top of that is the ability to finance the invoice once that has been created in the system. And it was as simple as supplier clicking a button and requesting finance.

Farzin Mirmotahri, IFC