What is Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance enables buyers and their suppliers to free up working capital, reduce risk, and increase order fulfillment capacity through order and invoice financing programs.

GT Nexus Supply Chain Finance helps buyers and suppliers free up working capital, reduce risk, and automate order and invoice payment. Buyers take advantage of early payment discounts, suppliers speed up receivables, and all financial transactions take place automatically on a cloud-based network. In the face of complicated global supply chains with many partners and financial institutions, Supply Chain Finance provides visibility into transactions for everyone on the platform.

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  • Early payment program

    A program that supports both buyer-funded and financial institution-funded supplier invoice discounting programs. Allow suppliers to accelerate cash flow without tapping into credit lines and impacting balance sheets.
  • Export financing

    A solution that supports both pre-export and posts-export supplier financing. Assist suppliers during peak periods by providing working capital during the fulfillment of an order, or ease working capital constraints for a supplier by providing funds after an order has shipped but prior to maturity of the invoice.
  • Payment protection

    An alternative to costly letters of credit that reduces risk for financial institutions and assures suppliers of order payment.

Eliminate capital-related risk and cost from the supply chain to improve performance.

Key Features

  • Early payment (invoice discounting)
  • Pre- and post-exporting financing
  • Payment protection and favorable financing rates

Key Benefits

  • Enhances buyer and supplier supply chain working capital
  • Improves order fulfillment execution
  • Lowers cost of goods sold
  • Improves supplier relationships

What GT Nexus provided was a seamless platform where the buyers and sellers were already transacting and interacting, and layered on top of that is the ability to finance the invoice once that has been created in the system. And it was as simple as supplier clicking a button and requesting finance.

Farzin Mirmotahri, IFC