What is Trade Xpress

Trade Xpress allows suppliers to manage all of their customer orders, factories and internal processes on a single cloud-based platform. Suppliers eliminate the need to install multiple systems to comply with packing and shipping requirements. Trade Xpress contains built-in compliance tools and on-demand financial services that enhance physical and financial supply chain execution, from the finance department to the factory floor. Packing lists, ASNs and invoices are automated without the need to re-key data, minimizing manual input and errors. To ensure stronger compliance and minimize chargebacks, suppliers are empowered to accurately fulfill multiple customers’ shipping requirements on a single system. What’s more, they can optimize working capital and improve cash flow and margins with access to flexible, creative on-demand financing services at different points in the transaction cycle. Trade Xpress integrates seamlessly with EDI and ERP systems to help suppliers process and deliver customers’ orders and transactions. A cloud-based platform delivers a single version of the truth, improving visibility, responsiveness, efficiency and cost optimization through lean supply management – at a minimal initial investment. Multi-enterprise synchronization enables users to log in to one account and transact with ALL customers in a low cost environment that maximizes your ROI and helps you stay ahead of the competition. A web browser is all that is needed to connect orders and transactions anywhere in the world. Trade Xpress helps suppliers manage orders that aren’t on the GT Nexus platform. Click here to see the list of buyers that can be integrated on the GT Nexus Platform. Download PDF


  • Order Management

    A centralized information hub to manage all customer documents and data.
  • Pack & Ship

    Execute at a higher level to support customers' strategic initiatives.
  • Supplier Financing

    Access cash faster and at more trigger points in the transaction lifecycle.

A single dashboard for managing customers, factories and cash enables smart business growth

Key Features

  • Purchase Order Receipt and Change Management
  • Order Balance Tracking
  • Order Status Inquiry
  • Customs Invoice Creation
  • Invoice Creation / e-Invoicing
  • Automated Data Compliance (N-way Matching)
  • Packing List and ASN Creation
  • Carton Label Printing / Ordering
  • Service Bureau – Ticket / Tag Ordering
  • RFID Enabled
  • Pre & Post-Export Financing
  • Factoring

Key Benefits

  • Centralize purchase order management
  • Enhance responsiveness through real-time visibility to changes
  • Increase process efficiency while improving accuracy
  • Support cross docking and direct ship initiatives
  • Improve customer compliance and vendor ratings
  • Reduce document discrepancies and chargebacks
  • Secure easy access to on-demand financing
  • Minimize initial investment and total cost of ownership
  • Optimize working capital and cash flow management
  • Enable better business decisions through easy access to data and metrics

I'd rather plug into something...that's going to give me a jumpstart into solving my problem, rather than owning the whole problem - from implementing code, populating and cleaning data, and all that.

Ann Grackin, Chainlink Research