Networked Supply Chains

Transform Business

Information Technology Drives Digital Transformation

A new approach to orchestrating today’s global supply chains

Traditional enterprise software only automated processes within a single company.

Modern supply chains are made up of constellations of companies that must work together in global trading communities

The limits of siloed enterprise software are becoming clear

It’s so much worse than you think

Performance levels in the extended supply chain are half of what they are inside the enterprise.

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Supply Chain Agility

Everyone agrees on the need for suply chain agility, yet the majority of companies are not meeting stated goals.


The Limits of ERP

82% average importance rating of supply chain visibility.

Yet confidence in ERP to delvier visibility across the extended supply chain beyond the enterprise is low.

Performance in Visibility

Supply chain visibility is low and performance levels in the extended supply chain are half of what they are inside the enterprise.

Based on Response Averages for those with ERP from the Supply Chain Insights LLC, Supply Chain Visibility Study, October 2013 - January 2014.

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A radically different kind of technology is required

To enable the massive levels of information sharing and process automation that business networks require, an entirely new approach is needed.

Measuring progress with a digital supply chain maturity model.

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Key Innovation: A Single Version of Truth in the Cloud

When supply chains embrace the information models of social networks, they become far more powerful.

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Business information is posted centrally, just once, which gets entire trading communities on the same page

Evolution of B2B Information Exchange


Model 1: Point-to-Point EDI


Model 2: EDI Hub / VAN


Model 3: Cloud Platform

Participants Data processing zone Information exchanges File exchange hub

Networked Supply Chains: A Formula for Success

Technology that finally delivers on the promise of connectivity, visibility, control and intelligence for all.


Plug in to utility-scale infrastructure to engage business partners quickly and economically.

See and Operate

Leverage network-wide operational data for complete visibility and process automation.


Get performance insights into what’s actually happening as goods are ordered, made, shipped, and paid for.

The network model for business: moving beyond the value chain

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Shift into High Gear
Supercharge your supply chain with big data, AI, analytics, and the network