GT Nexus is the leading global commerce network

Largest supply chain network – Connecting the physical and financial supply chain

GT Nexus delivers a single, unified network platform

that spans the complexities of global commerce and logistics and supports digital supply chain transformation for leading enterprises and their trading partners.


A robust global community of companies, including category leaders from every major industry vertical.

of global container capacity controlled by member carriers
in goods managed
global financial institutions


Intelligent supply chain applications automate key processes from planning, though execution, to final settlement.

A unique approach

GT Nexus is the only B2B network of its kind, fusing physical and financial supply chain processes in a unified, cloud-based platform.

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Network Platform

A multi-enterprise business network platform that enables fully digital and collaborative global supply chains.

A network platform designed specifically for multi-enterprise visibility, collaboration, and execution in the cloud.

Deployed as a single, multi-tenant technology stack, the GT Nexus platform is built for scale and broad adoption, enabling companies and their partners to quickly connect as collaborating networks, on a many-to-many model.

Multi-Enterprise Business Network

Many-to-many design, highly configurable, with rules-based events, alerts, and workflow management. Multi-enterprise security and trading partner onboarding and support services.

Integration Platform

A canonical model for master data management across all communities, providing a single version of the truth. Features multi-channel integrations and connectivity options.

Open Development Platform

Enables fast development and deployment of custom applications to your community. Features shared functionalities, configurability through scripting languages, and templates for rapid application delivery.

Proven with Leaders

A $48 billion consumer goods company reduced freight costs by $12 million by centralizing its global transportation management.

A $50 billion manufacturer removed 3 days of inventory through better visibility and control of inbound and outbound supply chain flows.

A $28 billion chemical company procures and manages all of its global transportation services

on GT Nexus to achieve optimal price/service balance.

A $6 billion mass retailer established a procureto-pay cloud, supporting import visibility documentation

and payment across its network of over 700 suppliers.

A $24 billion athletic footwear provider created a touchless payment process

and captures invoice discounts in exchange for early payments to suppliers.

A $31 billion retailer launched an electronic trade document exchange mart on GT Nexus.

A $70 billion pharmaceutical company established a logistics control tower

to track inventory and payments across more than 2500 transport lanes.

GT Nexus is a single control and visibility environment for enterprises and trading partners to improve and transform processes collaboratively.

Proven network benefits in a successful, world-wide user community.

GT Nexus is where global trade happens

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